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The collapse of the history of European fencing (Part Three)
“No war - no fencing!” Why is it? Who needs fencing? Who else needs a military system? Only an aggressive state waging war of conquest no one needs any more…

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About the principles of fencing: Weapons
First of all, I want to note that when I say "weapons", I mean everything that a person holds in his hands, leading a battle. The shield is also a…

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The collapse of the history of European fencing       
Defense from the true science of weapons and the response of field maestro Francisco Lorenz de Rada, Knight of the Order of St. Santiago, Marquis de las Torres de Rada,…

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In the Middle Ages, the possession of knives was the privilege of chivalry. In the wars of that time, the battle was decided by a clash of cavalry. Sometimes the battle was replaced by martial arts of two representatives of hostile armies. Tacitus3 in the work “Germany” describes the struggle of two opponents, the outcome of which decided the victory of the armies.

The religious savagery of the Middle Ages gave rise to another form of martial art – the “court of God.” It was a duel, which took place by order of the court, if one of the litigants disputed the justice of the verdict. The winner of the “court of God” was recognized as the winner of the court case. Continue reading


Materials on the history of ancient peoples make it possible to say that the possession of edged weapons occupied an important place in military training and physical education of that time. The sacred books of ancient India mention the extremely basic principles of possession of edged weapons and indicate 32 types of various weapons. The teachers and distributors of fencing were apparently Indian Brahmins (clergy). Many monuments of ancient Egypt depict figures of warriors with sticks. We must think that fencing on sticks was one of the types of military training.

The weapon consisted of a sword with a hilt, which also served to protect the hand from impact. Continue reading


Indoor facilities for fencing should primarily have sufficient floor space, cubic capacity, good ventilation and lighting. When calculating the cubic capacity, it is necessary to take into account that the pulmonary ventilation of fighters during an individual lesson and free-style fighting increases to 14.5 – 23.0 liters per minute, and the recovery period lasts for trained fencers for about 10 minutes. In Jovičkop, pulmonary ventilation remains elevated for longer. Oxygen absorption, depending on the intensity of the lesson, increases to 480.0–856.0 cm³ in 1 min. Therefore, the cubic capacity of the room per student should be considered not less than 30 m³. Ventilation devices must provide a 3-fold change in air flow, i.e. 80 – 90 m³ of air per person per hour. Continue reading


General tasks of the preparatory period: a) development and strengthening of the muscular and skeletal-ligamentous systems; b) improving the activity of internal organs (respiration, blood circulation, excretion and metabolism); c) improving overall coordination and developing speed of reaction; d) general retraction of the body and development of endurance; d) the introduction and development of habits of cultural behavior and discipline.

Special tasks of this period: a) testing and improving the basic skills of fencing equipment (techniques of attack and defense movements and methods of preparing for an attack); b) verification and improvement of the technique of complex fencing techniques; c) the development of a sense of distance, time and a sense of weapons; d) the development of speed, accuracy of movements. Continue reading

Modern sports fencing, included in the program of the Olympic Games, includes competitions on three types of weapons: sword, rapier, saber. All of them came from the same types of…


Italian Fencing School
Among all the treatises devoted to foil foil, no one can compare with the "Great fencing simulator written by Ridolfo Capo Ferro da Cagli, master of the most excellent German…


Types of Fencing
About 30 years ago, fencing was one particular sport. Now there are a number of sports and near-sports disciplines that can be called fencing. With fairly different rules and shells,…