Italian Fencing School
Among all the treatises devoted to foil foil, no one can compare with the "Great fencing simulator written by Ridolfo Capo Ferro da Cagli, master of the most excellent German…

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Sword tip and its setting
The joyful moments that a successful and beautiful injection delivers to the athlete are noted, as is known, by the burning lamp of the electric fixator. In order for an…

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Training of fencers consists of a set of activities aimed at mastering the technique and tactics of fencing to achieve maximum sporting results in it. At the same time, the…

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Modern sports fencing, included in the program of the Olympic Games, includes competitions
on three types of weapons: sword, rapier, saber. All of them came from the same types of cold steel weapons, and if you go even deeper into history, then – from one ancestor – the sword.

There are quite a few explanations of how, when, why, and in what parts of the world such a separation occurred. This is a very interesting topic related to history, language, and traditions. All this is reflected in modern sports fencing. Both in the appearance of the weapon itself and in the rules for conducting fights.

Common to all types of weapons is timing, score keeping and the formula for official competitions. Tournaments consist of two stages: preliminary (tour of groups or pool) and direct tour
In groups of 7 or 6 people, 3 minutes are assigned to the battle. Each fencing with up to 5 injections.
If 3 minutes expire, then the account that is at this point is recorded. In the direct elimination round, 3 rounds of 3 minutes are fenced each with a minute break of up to 15 injections.
Children’s competitions are held according to the abbreviated formula: in groups 2 minutes for 4 injections, direct elimination round 3 rounds of 2 minutes for 12 injections.
Even if all types of weapons are practiced in a sports school or section, the initial stage is practically the same for everyone. In addition, now in sports schools it is not necessary to practice two or all three types of weapons, there are those that specialize in only one type.
Whatever kind of weapon the athlete fenced, he still learns to control emotions, concentrate on the task. Only in fencing can high and low (but he is hardy), slender and chubby (but he is fast) and so on fight on equal terms with each other.

Weight – less than 770 gr. Length – 110 cm.
The closest to combat fencing is a sword, piercing weapons. Swing fencing is easy to understand and understandable to the audience. That is why it is believed that in the world the most fenders.
The epee is the heaviest, and the surface of the swordsman is affected, including his clothes and his equipment. Any injection is counted, regardless of which part of the body (trunk, limbs or head), costume or equipment, is affected by the injection. In a sword fight, simultaneously injections are counted for both fighters.
Since the affected surface is large, then, accordingly, there is a great danger of accidentally getting an injection. Therefore, fencing fencers are usually lingering, expectant in nature. It is believed that in fencing on swords tall tall long-armed athletes have some advantages. Although statistics show that the winners of major international sword tournaments had completely different height, weight, speed and power qualities.
Fencing equipment includes:
1) fencing suit (jacket, pants),
2) a devout,
3) plastic chest protection (required for girls),
4) mask
5) a glove
6) a sword
7) electric cord
8) shoes
9) leggings
10) case.
Weight – less than 500 gr. Length – 110 cm.
Rapier is a piercing sporting weapon. Unlike other weapons, the affected surface of the rapier is the smallest – the trunk and neck (lower part of the tongue of the mask).
In rapier fencing rules, there is a concept of priority, i.e. “tactical right.” It is not enough to give an injection, you still need to win the fencing phrase. For example, an attacker takes precedence. To win against him, one must first repulse the attacker’s weapon (this is how priority is formed), and give a return shot. If both athletes attack simultaneously, then injections are not counted. It is believed that rapier fencing is the basis for further selection, based on it, the coach can already choose a specialization.
Rapier equipment includes:
1) fencing suit (jacket, pants),
2) a devout,
3) electrically conductive rapier jacket,
4) plastic chest protection (mandatory for girls),
5) rapier mask with an electrically conductive tongue,
6) glove
7) rapier,
8) electric cord
9) connecting cord “jacket-mask”
10) shoes
11) leggings,
12) case.

Weight – less than 500 gr. Length – 105 cm.
A saber is a piercing and chopping sports weapon. That is, both injections and blows to the affected surface are recorded here. In saber fencers, it includes the head (mask), trunk and arms.
In saber fencing, as well as in foil, it is necessary, in addition to applying an injection or a blow, to win a phrase. For example, an attacker takes precedence. To win against him, you must first repel the attacker’s weapons (this is how priority is formed), and give a return shot. If both athletes attack simultaneously, then injections are not counted.
A saber is perhaps the most dynamic type of weapon. All actions are performed with lightning speed. Therefore, time is not fixed here.
Rapier equipment includes:
1) fencing suit (jacket, pants),
2) a devout,
3) electrical wire

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