Fencing: One vs. Several
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FENCING: health benefits and contraindications.
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Swords naked, nobles: 7 reasons to engage in fencing in 2019

Frenchwoman Jeanne Kalman began fencing at the age of 85 and as a result she lived for 122 years and 164 days! While you are considering whether to follow her example, we have selected several more reasons why fencing is so popular all over the world (136 countries are members of the International Fencing Federation).

7 reasons to do fencing
1. Fencing improves coordination
Sitting for weeks in the office, you are doomed to become more and more clumsy: an awkward elbow movement – and now a pile of papers is flying off the table … Balancing on a 14-meter metal path only one and a half meters wide while practicing fencing (studying various fencing positions), you quickly wean the body from such embarrassments.

2. Fencing makes the head work
All actions of the opponent must be calculated in advance. Fencing develops thinking no worse than chess and other logic games. By the way, fencing is also called: “chess in motion.” Fencing will help you not only think out an escape plan from an angry friend, but also make an effective decision at work in time. Career will go uphill.

3. Fencing allows you to be in great shape without much effort
Fencing training is not burdensome – the brain, busy with fascinating calculations, drowns out signals from a tired body. Just stepping off the track, you will notice that great exhausted. In a couple of months of training and studying different positions in fencing, you will lose about 4 kg. So, fencing can easily replace the tedious exercises in the gym. And the muscles are in good shape, and the process is pleasant – rest, not a load.

Lightweight Kevlar Costume
Special shoes
Electric jacket (to indicate the affected area)
Weapons and gloves
The weight of this impressive fencing uniform is about 3 kg, which, you see, will not be a big burden. By the way, the Fencing Federation of Russia periodically gives useful recommendations on what equipment to use. All for your safety.

German fencing equipment will cost around $ 1,000. You can pay three times less for the “hungry minimum” (if you know English, read the recommendations of the International Fencing Federation before buying).

4. Fencing improves your sense of distance.
In fencing, the safe distance from the enemy is about two meters, and the best distance for striking is just a meter. An injection in fencing is a common technique. You will definitely have a desire to stab the enemy more painfully, while avoiding a retaliatory strike or injection. So, fencing is also a good training for the eye.

5. Fencing develops stress resistance
I won the fight in fencing – I was glad, I lost – I got an incentive to improve, which is good for your competitiveness. Closing the mask, you temporarily fenced off from all problems. The only thing that bothers you is the use of various positions in fencing and inflicting a shot or blow to your opponent. And there is nothing nicer than to imagine that your shot in fencing did not go to anyone, but to a boring boss.

6. Fencing helps you find the perfect girl
Fencing is attracting more and more women. All fencers have excellent figures, but their main advantage is the absolute absence of complexes and nervousness (all emotions are splashed out on the fencing partner). And it’s not difficult to impress the chosen one: the battle won in training – and you are at its best. By the way, fencing is such a sport in which you can achieve amazing results in just six months, having studied the main positions in fencing, and impress with your lunges in two months.

7. Fencing – sports without injuries
If you are afraid of serious damage, choose fencing without hesitation. The maximum that remains on the body after the most unsuccessful fencing training is a few bruises from an impact or injection.

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