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Fencing Equipment: What is needed? How to choose?

To make the child comfortable in fencing, he needs to purchase high-quality equipment. We will consider what items a young athlete will need for training. And also talk about the features of their selection.

Items of equipment that a child will need


Fencing is divided into categories. As part of this sport, children can compete in sabers, rapiers or swords.

In different types of fencing, the form varies slightly.

Let’s look at the features of choosing clothing sets and paraphernalia for this sport.

For fencing, young athletes need to purchase a white jacket. It should be made of lightweight fabric. In order to sit comfortably on the child’s body and not press on it. Do not constrain movement.

Fencing jackets have a convenient locking system. The clasps are located on the sleeve of that hand, which is free from wearing a saber, rapier or sword.

Fencing jackets have a reliable shock protection system. It allows you to protect the neck of the athlete from accidental hits of the sword in it. This is achieved due to the presence of a special collar in the structure.

What kind of jacket and equipment should be acquired by fencers, rapiers and saber fencers?

In all areas of fencing, the requirements for jackets are different. The peculiarity of their choice directly depends on what kind of weapon athletes use. And what areas of the body can they attack during sparring:

If an athlete fights on swords, then he can strike and receive blows from an opponent in all areas of the body. For this sport, you need to purchase a jacket, which is composed of metal.
If a child fights on sabers, then he needs to purchase a special jacket that conducts electricity. It is called an “electric jacket.” A similar product fits tightly on the child’s body. And protects his hands, torso from bumps. Because it completely covers these elements with fabric.
Athletes who fight on rapiers need to buy special electric vests. They are needed so that the judges can determine whether the opponent managed to strike in the child’s torso. Did he miss. And is it possible for a sportsman to score a point for a successful strike.

With the purchase of a bridge for fencing you will have no problems. They are very easy to choose.

You need to purchase a model that will fit the child in size. And also will cover his knees. And have braces in the structure.

The latter are needed in order to tightly fix the breeches on the child during the battle.

The fencer must purchase special sports socks – leg warmers. The athlete puts them under the shoes. And, thanks to their wearing, it will be very convenient for him to move around.

In leggings, the child will not rub his leg. He will sweat less. And she will feel comfortable.

In sports stores, mainly white leggings are presented. However, if desired, you can find products of other, more beautiful shades.

Basic requirements for a fencing uniform

In fencing stores, you can find two types of uniforms. One is for practicing in the sports section, and the second is for tournaments and competitions.

Distinguishing one type of form from another is very simple. If you see the letters FIE on the product, then it has received a license from the International Fencing Federation.

A form with a similar marking fully complies with international requirements. And can be used in tournaments, competitions at any level.

What costume should a young fencer purchase?

When choosing a fencing costume, remember that it should be as durable as possible. This is necessary so that the product protects the athlete from various injuries. And injuries to the body that could be inflicted by an opponent.

We recommend that suits that are labeled 350N or 350H be preferred. Equipment with similar markings is ideal for beginner fencers. He will be able to withstand a load of great power. Up to three hundred and fifty Newton. In this case, the child will not be injured or injured.

If an athlete is engaged in fencing professionally, we recommend that he acquire uniforms marked 800N. It withstands impacts, the strength of which is up to eight hundred Newton.

How to choose clothes for fencing?

The sizes of fencing suits are slightly different in size from the traditional clothes of the child. In addition, they are divided into “for lefties” and “for righties.” In sporting goods stores, they exist as suits for athletes whose leading arm is their left. So it is for children whose leading hand is the right.

It’s easy to choose a suit by size. To do this, you need to measure the height of the child. And then pay attention to the size grid that every fencing clothing manufacturer has.

Young children can buy a suit for fencing for growth. However, it should be no more than one size larger than the athlete’s current dimensions. E

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