Fencing School

Sword tip and its setting
The joyful moments that a successful and beautiful injection delivers to the athlete are noted, as is known, by the burning lamp of the electric fixator. In order for an…

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Do you think the musketeers now live only in books, and the pirates only saber in the Pirates of the Caribbean? I assure you, the romance of a cloak and…

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Why is fencing useful?
“Fencing a couple of centuries ago was not considered as such a sport, it was an obligatory discipline, not in all countries, of course. The child began to learn how…

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The confrontation of the French and Italian fencing schools

Starting from the middle of the XVII century, when the French shortened their epee, fencing with stabbing weapons began to progress rapidly in a variety of techniques, dexterity and speed of their application. From that moment, a sharp divergence of the French school (more progressive) and Italian (more conservative) begins. These discrepancies reached their peak by the end of the 19th century.

In France, from the second half of the 18th century, fencing has made rapid significant progress, clearly ahead of Italy. In 1736, the Frenchman Girard introduced the 8th and last defense, almost two centuries later than the 7th. In 1755, in the French Encyclopedia, the article “fencing” first talked about the need to introduce a fencing mask to prevent accidents. But 10 years passed before fencing masks were finally introduced. Continue reading

Take the ready

When talking about fencing, swords and rapiers, most imagine the times of magnificent balls and daring duels. And only a few associate this word with modern sport. Why is it worth doing fencing, and what will give lessons in this ancient sports art.
What for?

Explain why it is worth doing fencing, in words is quite difficult. To understand this sport, it is necessary to achieve certain results in technology and tactics, because this fight is not only physical, but also intellectual.

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The Soviet Olympic champion in fencing died from a rapier shot in the eye. After his death, organs were stolen

Fencing is the most romantic sport reminiscent of the times of musketeers and dueling with swords. Now there is not much left of the fleur of Paris and D’Artagnan, and PR specialists in international federations are constantly thinking how to change this. Of course, masks prevent people from being associated with superheroes. The mesh surface closes the eyes of the rivals, and because of this creates the impression of a fake battle.

How can one enjoy a beauty and a cup, a happy blade when you have special armor? Surely advertisers and television several times approached the judges and the technical committee and asked to soften the protection of the masks – to make them transparent, to loosen security controls for the sake of an attractive picture and new revenues. And probably every time they heard: “Have you forgotten about Smirnov?” Continue reading

Materials on the history of ancient peoples make it possible to say that the possession of edged weapons occupied an important place in military training and physical education of that…


Fencing will make your child agile, brave and strong.
Fencing is one of the most difficult and highly coordinated sports. Sports fencing is a champion among all sports in terms of the requirements for reactive activity of skeletal muscles…


History of European fencing    
So where did European fencing come from? Obviously not from books, as you understand ... Francisco Lawrence de Rada undertakes to answer this question, for generations over the centuries must…