About the principles of fencing
Imagine someone seriously telling you that a tennis racket weighs 15 kg. And then another someone says that in football, the main force is whoever kicks the ball harder will…

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Why is fencing useful?
“Fencing a couple of centuries ago was not considered as such a sport, it was an obligatory discipline, not in all countries, of course. The child began to learn how…

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Stage and sports fencing
Sports fencing is a combat sport with knives. Fencing battle is a conditional duel on edged sports weapons, regulated by the official rules of the competition. Classical fencing, subject to…

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e training of soldiers


In the Middle Ages, the possession of knives was the privilege of chivalry. In the wars of that time, the battle was decided by a clash of cavalry. Sometimes the battle was replaced by martial arts of two representatives of hostile armies. Tacitus3 in the work “Germany” describes the struggle of two opponents, the outcome of which decided the victory of the armies.

The religious savagery of the Middle Ages gave rise to another form of martial art – the “court of God.” It was a duel, which took place by order of the court, if one of the litigants disputed the justice of the verdict. The winner of the “court of God” was recognized as the winner of the court case. Continue reading

Types of Fencing

About 30 years ago, fencing was one particular sport. Now there are a number of sports and near-sports disciplines that can be called fencing. With fairly different rules and shells, what unites them is that one way or another the cold steel battle is simulated – which is fencing in the broad sense of the word.

For adherents of one kind or another, I’ll immediately declare that I’m not going to drown for one thing. I also do not consider martial arts such as kendo, slept, or naginatajutsu, since I know very little about them. In the review there will be only “European” fencing. Continue reading

FENCING: health benefits and contraindications.

Fencing is not only an interesting, beautiful and fascinating sport, but also very healthy, with very few contraindications. Fencing can be done by people of any age, being in various physical forms. There are several types of fencing, but the article will focus on the most common and useful – sports fencing.

Fencing Description:
Sports fencing is a sport rooted in antiquity, where combat fencing (mastery of knives) was not only the most important discipline in the training of soldiers, but also taught to children. For the first time, sports fencing appeared in the Olympics program in 1896. Currently, this sport is divided into three types, depending on the weapon used: sword fencing, saber fencing and rapier fencing. Sports fencing is not only an independent sport, but also part of the modern pentathlon program. Fencing is considered a safe sport. Continue reading

The collapse of the history of European fencing       
Defense from the true science of weapons and the response of field maestro Francisco Lorenz de Rada, Knight of the Order of St. Santiago, Marquis de las Torres de Rada,…


Materials on the history of ancient peoples make it possible to say that the possession of edged weapons occupied an important place in military training and physical education of that…


How to Improve Fencing Skills
If you want to start practicing fencing, go to the related WikiHow article, "How to Learn Fencing." This article is intended for beginner and intermediate level fencers (although it focuses…