Fencing will make your child agile, brave and strong.
Fencing is one of the most difficult and highly coordinated sports. Sports fencing is a champion among all sports in terms of the requirements for reactive activity of skeletal muscles…

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Materials on the history of ancient peoples make it possible to say that the possession of edged weapons occupied an important place in military training and physical education of that…

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Modern sports fencing, included in the program of the Olympic Games, includes competitions on three types of weapons: sword, rapier, saber. All of them came from the same types of…

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during fencing

The collapse of the history of European fencing       

Defense from the true science of weapons and the response of field maestro Francisco Lorenz de Rada, Knight of the Order of St. Santiago, Marquis de las Torres de Rada, Senior Chancellor and Permanent Secretary of the Royal Audience of New Spain and the island of Santo Domingo and the Philippines. ”

The Commander of the Order of St. Santiago – Francisco Lorenzo de Rada – can rightly be called the enlightener of all the “experts” in the history of European fencing – what now exists, what their predecessors are.
As you know, the founder of one of the fundamental doctrines of deep psychology Lipot Sondi said the following: “Choice makes fate.” The choice of a profession, business, person … Continue reading

Fencing instead of fitness

Fencing kneads the whole body, all muscle groups and ligaments. Fencing is possible not only with a sword, but also with a sword. This sport enhances strength, endurance, mindfulness.

Fencing is an Olympic sport that differs from the rest in that it not only needs to have excellent physical fitness, but also agility, flexibility, a lively mind and quick wits.

In the past, foil or sword fighting was a way to resolve conflicts and usually ended with the death of one of the participants in the fight. In the period between the 18-19 centuries, fencing began to be called and referred to as sports, and from 1986 to this day, fencing is an Olympic sport. Continue reading

In the world of motors: Under foreign names

In the sixties and seventies of the last century in Formula 1, most of the teams used almost identical Ford Cosworth DFV engines, and only some engines had other engines – Ferrari, BRM, Alfa Romeo … But after the advent of turbo engines, everything changed radically. Since the 80s, the situation with the engines in Formula 1 has been quite confusing.

In the nineties, turbo engines were gone, but the tradition of Formula 1 was inherited from the previous era. Over the years, most teams have tried to find an exclusive partner for the supply of engines, and few of the minders supplied their products to more than one team. The only minder who supplied motors to several teams at once was Ford Cosworth – these engines were used by those who could not find a better option. Continue reading

Fencing and Health
Fencing is one of the Olympic sports, and it received such status at the first Games of 1896. At first glance, the main components of the fight since then have…


Swords naked, nobles: 7 reasons to engage in fencing in 2019
Frenchwoman Jeanne Kalman began fencing at the age of 85 and as a result she lived for 122 years and 164 days! While you are considering whether to follow her…


On the principles of fencing: Technique.
In a previous post, I talked about the general principles of an armless duel and the preparation of an attack. I thought about switching to weapons, then to armor, and…