Gunter Steiner: Sometimes you need to take a step back
Guas Steiner, the head of Haas F1, was perhaps the most popular person in the paddock on Thursday in Singapore - in the morning the team surprised many by renewing…

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The collapse of the history of European fencing       
Defense from the true science of weapons and the response of field maestro Francisco Lorenz de Rada, Knight of the Order of St. Santiago, Marquis de las Torres de Rada,…

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Stage and sports fencing
Sports fencing is a combat sport with knives. Fencing battle is a conditional duel on edged sports weapons, regulated by the official rules of the competition. Classical fencing, subject to…

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Modern sports fencing, included in the program of the Olympic Games, includes competitions
on three types of weapons: sword, rapier, saber. All of them came from the same types of cold steel weapons, and if you go even deeper into history, then – from one ancestor – the sword.

There are quite a few explanations of how, when, why, and in what parts of the world such a separation occurred. This is a very interesting topic related to history, language, and traditions. All this is reflected in modern sports fencing. Both in the appearance of the weapon itself and in the rules for conducting fights. Continue reading

Italian Fencing School

Among all the treatises devoted to foil foil, no one can compare with the “Great fencing simulator written by Ridolfo Capo Ferro da Cagli, master of the most excellent German nation in the famous city of Siena.” This is not a big, but very comprehensive work that contains clear definitions, correct conclusions, and a large number of practical examples.

The treatise of Capo Ferro is divided into thirteen chapters, in which he consistently describes such important concepts as:

properties and characteristics of weapons;
the distance by which he means the distance between the tip of the blade and the body of the enemy; Continue reading

D’Artagnan, you’re wrong!

Rapier fencing is a subtle art, and watching it is a little more difficult. Simultaneous injections are not counted here, the priority of the first injection does not work, and in this case, almost every flashlight immediately lights up two lights. The fact is that rapiers have the so-called rule of correctness of attack. When an athlete starts an attack, he gets priority. His opponent must repel the attack before injecting. In some cases, parrying and counterattack can be literally one movement, but the fact that the attack is reflected and the priority is not transferred does not escape the eyes of an experienced judge. Continue reading

Wounds and injections: how professional fencers work
Seven-time world champion, nine-time European champion, numerous champion of our country - in general, the "first saber of the world" Sophia the Great helped us to understand the rules of…


Materials on the history of ancient peoples make it possible to say that the possession of edged weapons occupied an important place in military training and physical education of that…


The confrontation of the French and Italian fencing schools
Starting from the middle of the XVII century, when the French shortened their epee, fencing with stabbing weapons began to progress rapidly in a variety of techniques, dexterity and speed…