Fremont Fencers

About the Program

The art of swordsmanship once practiced by knights, cavaliers and musketeers, has evolved into an exciting Olympic sport practiced worldwide. Fencing, the "oldest modern sport" offers much to everyone; such as co-ed participation, social skills, motor movement, and hand eye coordination. This program will introduce Adults, Teens, and youth to fencing in in a fun and friendly atmosphere! Students may be moved into different age classes with instructor approval (depending on ability and experience). Classes are held at the Centerville and Fremont Community Centers.

Fremont Fencers was created in 1994 to support the growth of sport Fencing in the Bay Area. Amidst the high concentration of the fencers and good competition opportunities in the Bay Area, Fremont conspicuously lacked a club or any source of instruction. Nestled between the Northern California and Central California divisions of the United States Fencing Association, Fremont Fencers offers a good opportunity for its students to participate in events of both divisions.

Moniteur d'Armes Will Brown, a long time Fremont resident, has taught children and adults of all ages the sport of Fencing in clubs around the Bay Area and at local community centers in Fremont. Coach Brown encourages students in a fun and game filled environment along with drills and bouting. Even though Fencing is an individual sport, students are not forced to compete. However, if students show interest in competition Coach Brown organizes schedules of competitions appropriate to the level of the student. Fun is emphasized at all levels of instruction.

Assistant Coach Adam Tipton, a long time member of Fremont Fencers, brings fun enthusiasm to youth, teen, an adult classes. Having competed at local tournaments, Coach Tipton brings an understanding of the importance of tactics, technique, and conditioning to the classes he teaches. However, he also believes in the importances of keeping classes fun and enjoyable.